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phoenix new times: Warrior Dad: A Father's Journey Into Arizona's Flawed Juvenile Justice System

 Brian Stauffer

Brian Stauffer

On the last Tuesday in April, Steve Renner made the hourlong drive north to Adobe Mountain School for what he hoped was the final time.

They call it a school, but really, Adobe is prison for kids — the last remaining locked-down facility run by the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections — located, ironically, off the Happy Valley Road exit on Interstate 17 on the way out of Phoenix.

WASHINGTON POST: The Tucson shootings and Arizona's dangerous culture of isolation

 Kyle T. Webster

Kyle T. Webster

... As the day unfolded and the details of the Tucson shootings came together and the horror set in, I vacuumed up every scrap of information about the tragedy. My obsession went beyond the odd coincidences - I'm Jewish, a Democrat and a Scripps College graduate, like Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and years ago, I worked on Capitol Hill. And I have a 9-year-old daughter. This hit home in a different way.

SALON: The day my daughter told us her disability is love

I’m pretty sure that if I gave her the chance, my 14-year-old daughter would make out with me. Tongue and all.

That’s how much Sophie loves me. Don’t get me wrong, she hates me too, sometimes, in that brutal way only a teenage girl can loathe the tragically uncool mom who makes all the rules and tries to sing along to Taylor Swift in the car.


Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 5.35.48 PM.png

Phoenix is finally rising. For years, the city sulked in the shadow of sexier 'burbs like Scottsdale, but now it's enjoying a culture boom -- with a young, raw arts scene, well-cooked food and world-class spas. Despite the rumor that "it's a dry heat," the weather is generally pleasant from October to April, and yes, it does rain. 

PHOENIX NEW TIMES: Vintage John McCain: Dead at 81, He Was America's Senator, Not Arizona's

 Gino Santa Maria

Gino Santa Maria

John McCain rubbed his hands together a lot.

He did it all the time — on the U.S. Senate floor, during campaign events, standing around — hands cradled, moving. It wasn’t a casual gesture. You could tell he was putting some force into it.

this american life: Educated guess


When Amy Silverman's daughter was born with Down syndrome, she followed the advice of all the parents she met: She signed her daughter up for "early intervention" therapy.

But her daughter's progress had unexpected consequences, forcing Amy to make a choice she'd never predicted. (9 minutes)


“Silverman’s fierce account of coming to terms with having a child with Down syndrome is at once precise, mordant, and compassionate, and ultimately is exquisitely human.”

— Julie Lythcott-Haims, New York Times bestselling
author of How to Raise an Adult